Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Hello!  Mom and Dad are you there?!?  Most of my posts have been via Facebook or Line.  I hate to say it but bLogs are so old fashioned.  But I realize that the blog is the only media that you can access so in the next few days I hope to post some updates about my life.
So you may be wondering about the above picture.  I play futsal 5 days a week.  Futsal is basically soccer played w/5 people on^a small tennis court sized pitch.  Remember this.  Since I play 5 times a week any conversation w/me will require knowledge of said sport and it would bring upon me pains most heavily to have to repeat myself.

The  young man I am w/is Saudi.  He is from Saudi Arabia and He and saveral other Atabs play w/us....


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