Wednesday, August 06, 2014

the trip...

Headed out to the tip of the penisula about 300 miles south of Osaka. Started out the day and headed an hour south and was picked up by my friend Terry. Terry O'brian is English and retired and set. He has a big van so after scooping me up we set off. The first part of the trip was interstate highways and tunnels but as abruptly as falling off a cliff the scenery turned to seascape. Large anthropomorpic rocks lay crouched just off the shore.

We arrived at our hotel which was a little Greyhound Bus Station-ish but no complaints. The scenery was great even if 5he curtins were unchanged since the 1950's.

The next day we followed the shore and then took a sharp left and followef a ribbon of a road up into the mountains. The scenery was bold and green and boarding on Canadian-esque.

Along the way we took a wrong turn and ended up going along a fisherman's road. Things started to get rocky. I hit a rock wrong and my tire deflated with a quick pshhhhhhhh.  In a manner of seconds my back tire was reduced to r7bber. And that was only the first of many flats. All in all we us3d up our paches. Soon Terry got fed up with flats and storms (oh did I mention we got  caught in a storm?!?!?!?) and we headed home.

The last day was short. Terry was knackered.  We headed out at 11 and did some coastal riding. At 2 or  so Terry has injected himself with several Ref Bulls to prop up his exhausted body. `Let's head home he said to me whilst sitting down at the convience store nursing a red bull.  It was fine with me. My goal was to enjoy the bike trip and not break any records.  Wr came back and fouNd the van. We returned home and I readied my self for my next big trip: My voyage home!!!!


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