Monday, July 21, 2014

The 1,000 year old tree...

Took to the hills.  Climbed over Minoh (where the monkey's live under the waterfall). Then came into a small valley where here us a tree that is (according to a plak) 1,000 years old.  And int the tree lived 7 tiny baby owls. 

We followed a river road down to Ichikura Dam.  Then it was a small path through the woods where we stopped at a small Japanese restaurant.  After which we picked up where we left off and headed home via the river road.  The sky darken and we were caught in a storm.  A warm summer rainfall.  It was good.  Life was good.  Came home tired.  And headed out the door to my friend'S house where he was having a house warming party.  It was warm.  And good.  Lots of good.  Came hope and fell into a stupor that eventually tapered off into a kind of sleep.  Woke up the next day and realized that I had slept 9 hours.


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