Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My tips for people who want to RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

have I got tips?!?! THis man has got tips!?!? Ask me anything and i will always give you four solid tips!!!! For running:

1. Set goals. I say you should try to do a 5k in 25 minutes.

2. If you set your goal w/a 5k run don't train more that 20 minutes. That's why I make the 5k my race. Longer race means more time.

3. Do 20 minute runs 2/3 times a week. Do short sprints 2/3 times a week. For the short sprints find a nice park/river side or a nice trail. Sprint for about 1 minutes and then trot for about 20 seconds time should again 10 times. Your sprint time should not exceed 10 minutes (for a 5k). You can mix this up (5 sprints at 2 minutes) but your total times should not exceed 10 minutes. So in summary: 2/3 week long slow run and 2/3 week sprints.

4. Have fun. Sometimes when it'S raining it hard to get started. But I am not talking about this kind of non-fun. If you feel sick/hurt take a break. Enjoy it!


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