Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yet another bike trip...

 Went on a bike trip (a who;e notha story that involves several mountain passes and mountain roads) and we stopped for lunch on this faux English style restaurant.  It was equipped with authentic signboards, an overload of various teas, fish and chips, meat pies (which my riding partner abstained from on the assumption that they might be too authentically English, which I am happy to report, they were not, and as such, delicious), a very un-sheered sheep, ducks, rabbits in cages, a carriage and pleasant outdoor chairs for relaxing. 

The weather was perfect.  Not too hot.  And the scenery was great.  I was taking a route and I was very unsure about the roads because many of the roads were twisty and hidden and I thought for sure I would end up lost.  But we didn't.  Which surprised me no end.  It took us all day to complete the route.  It took us all day to complete the route and by the time we finished the sun was drawing down and we were exhausted. 


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