Sunday, July 18, 2010

I did it!

my first triathlon! news later. But first...


1. Went on a date with a girl I will simply call "moody girl." I am interested in her but testing the waters. She seems to have this distrust of intimacy. I've met this type before. They build up this b*tchy attitude and it is hard to really be friends with them or relax with them. So we will see where this girl ends up. If she comes around that will be OK. Otherwise I am moving on. Strangely I know her friend and her friend is the same way. Bird of a feather...

2. Last night I went to HIMAJI and spent the night in a capsule hotel. It was just like old times for me. I went to this hotel almost 2 years ago and walking the streets of Himaji brings back all sorts of memories for me.

2a. Well, I dumped myself off the train and I expected to find the capsule hotel no problem. I asked for directions and people pointed one way and I asked another person directions and I went another way. After 20 minutes everything looked eerily familiar. I was back at the station. Just where I had started.

2b. Also, I was carrying my bike in a bike. Not a good thing to carry around a bike for 20 minutes.

2c. So I went back to the the first lady I started with, the station master, and told her I had just wandered for 20 minutes. Please draw a map.

2d. She drew a map and started explaining it to me. Wait a minute I sad. That's Himaji castle. I said CAPSULE hotel not CASTLE. Oh she said.

2e. Some people heard CAPSULE and some people heard CAPSULE. Why I would be going to Himaji Castle at 9 at night carrying a duffel bag and a bike is beyond my understanding.

2f. I holed up in the hotel and set out to eat. Nothing was open and ended up at this Chinese restaurant.

2e. Went to sleep. Early in the morning they start pumping in music to get people p and outta there. It is just beyond one's perception. But it's just the kind of annoying thing that wakes me up.

2f. Made it out to the field. A triathlon is three events. This is where we swam. 1k.


2g. The next event is biking. 40k.


2h. The last event was running. 5k. I came in 17th place and had a pretty good time. This was my first triathlon and there was some very good things about it. First, I used my new bike. This bike is the very first bike I have owned that was top of the line. It is a $1,500 bike and so I really fit in with all the other racers. The draw back was that I didn't really know how to ride a racing bike. Plus I didn't have the special shoes that clipped into the pedals. Also the swimming was a mad caper. This was open water swimming and that was another element that cause a lot of problems. but in the end I made it across the finish line.

2i. The man in charge is this old guy who was a trainer for some pro-athletes. I was waiting for the swim even and he came up and grabbed about 2 inches of flab from my stomach. "Our Olympic runners had 1 millimeter. ONE!" he said giving my flab a goosey twist. He came back several times later to make the point again. I guess everyone needs a old man grabbing your flab story. And there is mine.


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