Sunday, May 02, 2010

Things to do...

1. Buy a cap for surfing. Baseball cap will do. But a broad jungle explorer hat is better.

2. Buy wet suit gloves. Went surfing with these wet suit gloves and I moved about the water like a predator.

3. Make journal book for students. My book report idea is terrible. Too much busy work. All students do is copy from the book anyway.

4. Send in my form for he TWO triathlons I will be doing this summer. Yes two!

5. Get a sports jacket so I can dress casual at UNI and still look professional.

6. Get good socks. Hay Hay! Ho Ho! The 99 yen look has got to go. I have been trying to look sharp for the first time in my life. Up until recently I just wore the cheapest and most comfortable. So now I am trying to look good. I got new clothes. But I didn't get new socks. Socks are socks right? Alas. bus as I said I am trying to get a new look.

7. New t-shirt. As I said above, cheap and comfortable was my motto. I bough 99 yen t-shirts that came up to above my belly button. What does it matter if I wear a collared shirt? BUT one can see the t-shirt through my shirt. So new t-shirts.

8. New dishes. Gonna get new dishes. Thinking about dishes from Kyoto!

9. Sweatsuit.


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