Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life in the icy-downhill lane..

Life in the icy-downhill lane..
1. Well mom. You would be very proud to know that your little boy is becoming quite a snowboarder. Last MONDAY I hit the slopes of Hachi Kita along the Japanese sea. We were really worried about how it would turn out. The weather has been intermittent with patches of hot spring like weather. This is bad for skiing because you either get rain (which means ice) or wet snow. But going to Hachi Kita turned out to be a great call. The weather was really good and the upper slopes felt great. There was even one patch of pure powder. The only part I didn't like at all was the lower hill which was almost pure ice. This is especially bad because when you fall it feels like falling off your sled onto concrete. Snow makes falling fun. Ice doesn't. But for the most part we kept off this area.

1a. Oh and did I mention that I pissed off the authorities. Me and my mate came back 15 minutes late. The bus driver phone spammed Chris' wife with all these calls. Add this moniker to the end of my name: "ultimate bad boy."

1b. Pictures forthcomming.

2. Working out at the pool. Been really working on my thrust and glide and pull. The key to bringing that hand back is to use explosive strength. It takes a lot of concentration.

2a. I would like to work with someone who can give me guidance on my swimming routine. Everything I have learned I have picked up from the internet and also by listening closely to my body and my muscles and how they interact with the water. But a good trainer could bring me up a level.

2b. I have a SWIM MEET in two weeks. Looking forward to it!

3. I have a RACE this SUNDAY.

4. Got my schedule from SHOIN. I will be working all day THURSDAY. Last year I was only working from 1-6. But this year I have extended classes. 10-6. Next year I will be working quite a bit. NARA also extended my classes. I will be starting at 9 which makes my morning quite early. It takes about an hour and a half to get out there so that means I must leave at 7:30. I get tired just thinking about this...



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