Thursday, February 04, 2010



1. When to the pool early and made friends with the guys on the swim team. Will be competing with them in March.

2. Had my Japanese lesson. Then hit on this girl who was one of the nicest people I have ever met with the funkiest clothes.

3. Saw my friend Chris. Good times. We met at this coffee shop that was like a club house you had when you were 12. A small flight of stairs led to the loft where you could kick back with a warm cup of job an enjoy the view out the square window. Talked about the SNOW BOARDING TRIP. My first trip!


1. Headed up to my Japanese lesson. It was raining and cold and for some reason I thought that spooking out in my shorts and my bright orange sweatshirt would be a fine and dandy idea. The wind was blowing hard and rain came down in icy dibblets. I suddenly came to the realization that I wasn't poor anymore and I could afford the subway. So I parked my bike and took the box up to my J-lesson. End of story.

2. Life is nice.

TIME WARP- Last week Monday

Here is the picture of the party that I promised. Promises made. Promises kept.


My test results came today. In short I failed. BUT note the progress:

1997 Score 120
1998 Score 150
1999 Score 200

So I am moving in the right direction. 200 is 50% so I am slowly creeping up.

This is my post about the JLPT from last year.


Jogged today. Tomorrow I wake up early and head out the door. Friday is always a harrowing day for me. Getting enough rest is a top priority lest I find my self unable to swim and it messes up my whole day by leaving me listless and tired. So I need to get MAX sleep. At any rate, excited about many things so do check back later.


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