Wednesday, February 10, 2010


1. View from my front door...


2. A band I saw...


3. My High School Class...


All 40 students do a one minute presentation. The topic was show and tell which does not inspire a lot of memorable soliloquies. There were about 5 presentations alone on their Sharpy pencil. Well, one student walked to the front and I immediately knew something was amiss because everyone was laughing. "Today i want to talk about my condoms" he intoned and whipped out a small red box. (!!)

4. Finished my grades for SHOIN. I will be delivering them to the office this afternoon. Then I will hit the pool, go to my Japanese lesson an then hit a GO-GUY. This is a Japanese dating tradition where 4 guys and guys hook up in a sort of group blind date. Also been hearing from my good friend J in Australia. He bought a house. Well shiver my timber. (!!) I though he was going to be back in Japan living the free life but alas he will be back in Australia for a long while paying off the house. My other friend J in Utah will be coming back to Japan surprisingly enough. When I saw him off last year that was the last time he I thought I'd see him on Japanese soil. But his girlfriend is pregnant and they have to give birth in Japan. So he will be back in Japan for a year. A year. They always say a year. And then 6 years zoom by! Also I'll be going snow boaring for the first time next Monday!

5. Oh and one more thing....I am now on the Japanese National Insurance plan. Affordable, Universal coverage.


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