Friday, February 26, 2010

It'S FiRIDAY again..

it's FRIDAY again.

1. Been thinking about doing a mini 5 day trip in Japan for my two little nephews. Everyone older than 12 years old is burn out about the idea of traveling 12 hours on the plane and then getting over jet-lag and dragging yourself from one hotel to the next. But my little nephews were universally excited about the idea of Japan. Anyway, it's justan idea that happened to be passing through my mind.

2. Snowboarding on Monday is still up in the air. It has been getting noticeably warmer here in OSAKA. I wear just a short sleeved shirt. So my friend will let me know tonight whether it is on or not.

3. Last night went to tea with my fellow students. lot's of fun. Just chatted. I showed them the CD from my friend in Chinaski Lunch Box (Hi there Takeku an SHinoyan!) and also QUESA. Everybody was modestly impressed. Maybe a three on a scale from 1 to 10.

4. I had a dream about SHOIN (a UNI I teach at) last night. I dreamed that the first class was in a movie theater. I couldn't find the theater. Then I was going to the UNI and I saw from the train other people meeting outside in the park. Where is my class I asked Jason. It's in room 6 but you better hurry because your later. Somehow I knew my students wouldn't be there because UNI students are quick to skip class. SO I ran but all I could find was rooms 1-4. It was a maze of old buildings. Kinda like some European city. I ended up in the woman's dorm (foreign woman's) and some girl was showing me the way.

5. I must tell you about the present I gave my teacher!

6. I gave my teacher a necklace that is handmade by my brother-in-law. She really liked it!


7. Funny Japanese sign. Write me if you can understand it...



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Hey, it's me, David, the facebook dropout. If you get a chance, send me an email at the moje... etc address. I certainly don't want to lose touch, but only have your old UT email.

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