Sunday, January 22, 2006


Yes, Japanese love presents, or so the rumor goes.

My teacher went to the coast with her husband. She showed me a pamphlet of the spa she visited. Very nice. Out doors. Natural. No roof. Just the night sky and the ocean air.

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So, just like it has been rumored, she brought back a present. It was some fermented plumbs. I haven't had a chance to dig into them yet but when I do, I will report back on their tastefulness.

Most tutors charge a lot of jack. I do. When and if I tutor English it is $30 an hour. But she charges only $10. So I like her style and I like talking with her. Presently I meet twice a week for two hours. I want to see if she is willing to meet three times a week for two hours. We will see.


Update. Dug into the plumbs. Tasted like onions and old wine. not to be eaten alone. Got out my plate of broccoli and other yum yums and made a feast of it. Quite pleasant when mixed with a meal.


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