Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Date with GIRL!

KYOBAI is a cool little port town about a hop, skip and a jump from OSAKA. So I thought it might be nice to go on a date here.

Let me first introduce the girl:

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This is the girl who I mentioned in a previous post. She spent 30 minutes being lost in a 50 foot by 50 foot square area looking for the "white guy wearing just a t-shirt in the middle of winter." I still have yet to figure out why it was so hard to find me.

What I really dig about her is her total all out Japanese style. When the waiter pours her water she has to say "Sumi-ma-sen" a million times and make these nervous little bowing movements. Being with her makes me feel like I am staring in a Discovery Channel episode: Western Guy explores Japanese Women.

The down side is that she has spent most of her life in a an area roughly half the size of an average tuna can. In middle school she dropped out of school. She got a haridressing degree from a vocational school and worked in her fathers shop. She does this job 6 days a week, all day.

A typical conversation goes like this:

Me: So do you do?
Her: Work.
Me: Oh, how interesting. How long do you work?
Her: All day.
Me: Hmmm, and anything else.
Her: No.

BUT,as I said, I love being the star in my own Discovery Channel program (even if the program airs only in my mind), so I like hanging out with her.

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Our first stop was CHINA TOWN. China Town, if you can dig it, is a Chinese Themed town slash tourist attraction slash place to live. I like the crowds and all the colorful outdoor displays. They had these stands that sold every type of Chinese food.

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After this we visited the port at Kyobe.

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The most famous sight here is the Kyobe Tower. This is my picture of the Kyobe Tower. I refuse to take pictures like everyone else. Everyone else likes to take a picture of the WHOLE tower, leaving nothing to your imagination. I take just a small part, and let the fantasy side of your brain take over and fill in the gaps.

So we went to a cafe that across from a fountain. I made up a game that would trick her into talking. It was like the card game WAR but instead of cards, I had her make little pictures about her life.

Still, she wasn't the most exiting girl but I am working hard. Maybe I will airdrop her into the middle of the VIETNAM jungle with only a red bandana and a machine gun and let her fight her way back to civilization. Now THAT would be a story she could tell people and not bore them!


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