Friday, December 16, 2005

Dinner not with Andre

Last Saturday I had dinner with three cool friends and one enemy. The cool friends were such: Charley, Jin and Ziggy.

The enemy is annoying guy. I don't even know his name, don't wanna know it either. I just know he is annoying.

Well, we found a restaurant. Finding a restaurant is always a gamble in Japan mostly because there is always the danger that the meal will be too small and too expensive. And such was the case this time.

Here is my meal:
Image hosted by

As you can see, there are maybe six slices of different vegetables. This is hardly a side dish much less a meal. So after paying the ten dollars each for the meal we tromped off to find another restaurant.

Image hosted by

Here is the gang. Ziggy has long hair and like me, he studies Japanese. Also, he is one of those people who survives on dew drops and grasshopper feelers, a term my dad made up to describe my non-material life style.

There is also Charley. He left early. He hurt his leg, or maybe annoying guy was driving him crazy too. Anyway, Charley is pretty amazing. He is 17 but really mature. He is studying PADUK.

Then there is JIN. And tucked in the corner is annoying guy.


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