Thursday, November 17, 2005

The latest In Arthur World

Hi Everyone!

I am doing fine in little old Arthur world. I wake up and study. Come back home at 12 and eat lunch. Today I made a meal of spaghetti, broccoli and salmon. Very nice and mellow. The slices of garlic were a nice touch if I must say so myself. Sometimes there are suprises. A few days ago I got a care package from home sweet home. Thanks Mom and Dad. It had great stuff like canned fruit, great for gifts.

My studying is going nice. I now have a Japanese blog. It is written in Japanese and has little stories about my life. I call the little stories, THUMB POEMS because they are short and simple.

Work is nice. My classes are small and even though I am not a very good teacher, I can some how make it through a 50 minutes class.

In the evening I return to Starbucks, the place I have chose to study. Starbucks is pretty lame, but it's non-smoking. Plus there is a seat. So all in all, it is alright. It's not a cool coffee shop like you'd find in Taos or some place in South Austin that features folk music on Thursday night.

When I return I left weights. Pumping iron I think is the term I should be using. It feels great to lift weights. Usually in the evening people are smoking and drinking, so I just find a corner and pump away. Then I find the bed and hit the sack, tired, exhausted and yet content.

Don't forget to write to me, people in far away non-Japan land. I always read your letters and try to write back in a timely manner! So don't forget to WRITE!


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