Thursday, November 17, 2005

I was freakin'late to work!! Don't ask me how it happened since I leave an hour early. Well, the feeling of being late is not a very nice one. Little things that you wouldn't even notice, really piss you off. The old lady counting her change. The store clerk carefully putting the items into the bag. The person mozzing up the stairs. GOD DAM IT! MOVE! IM LATE!

Well, I made it. Here's the clock. I could have slept another 5 minutes. As it turns out, it didn't really matter anyway. Everyone arrived late, then they had a bathroom break, then they wanted to read a book.

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Yup, buy American!

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Ten dollars says the sign is made in Hong-Kong. (?!?!?!)

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I saw this accident on the way to work. And while I always feel bad about accidents, I especially feel bad if it involves a motorcyclist. He wasn't wearing a helmet. How do I know? There was a pool of thick red blood and laying beside it was a baseball hat. My students said to look for a reef at the accident sight next week. That means the motorcycle's died.


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