Sunday, October 30, 2005

Munch Munch...

One movie that really affected me was a movie called SUPERSIZE ME. Basically the movie is about a guy who asks the question, "What would happen if I ate McDonalds every day?" Well, as it turns out, terrible things. He bloats, losses energy, becomes irritable and depressed.

This is spot on. I saw this in action at the last English School I worked for. It made me realize that eating good is part of a spiritual way of living.

Now that I am in Japan and I am buying and making my own food, I have resolved to only put good and spiritual things into my body.

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As I said, I eat at home a lot more now. Here is my breakfast: fruit and bran cereal.

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Here is my lunch. I mix about 5 different vegetables and boil them in some kind of dressing. Usually the dressing has a light oil base. The vegetables and amount and type of dressing is never the same, so it is never the same taste twice.

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Then I mix in a sauce. Usually the sauce is curry related. But I sometimes indulge in other sauces. Lately, I have found a nice place that sells curry by the bottle. It has a wide sampling, so I never get stuck on one kind.

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And here we have it...VOILA! A scrumptious and health lunch ready to eat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spiritual huh? I got your spiritual right here in this big beef pattie from Mc-y D's that I'll shove down your pallete. Eat red meat and become Christian just like every other red blooded 'Merican you commie homosexual bastard! ---- Andy the red

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