Thursday, October 20, 2005

Japanese Study...

In Japan, one of the ways I study is to take FREE CLASSES. There are several free classes throughout town and I take as many as I can. As of this date, I go to THREE different classes. One class is up in Umeda, another is right next door in a the Osaka International Center and the last class is way out on the edge of town.

The free classes are basically retired people who want to help out foreigners. They come and have a conversation with you for about an hour and a half. It's no easy task talking with someone who speaks Wookie Japanese. Wookie Japanese is my way of making fun of beginners. When you first learn a language you sound like wookie and make these loud incompressible sounds. So it is with me. Of course, many of them have an alternative motives. They want to practice their English. For the most part I am able to keep this impulse in check and have an interesting conversation for an hour and a half.

I used to go out to this class on Friday. It was way out in the boonies but I liked the energy. There are about 50 people there all chatting away happily. But outside of this, it turned out to be not very good. I got a stuck with a teacher who was a real mutant. Teachers don't change. So I will give this class a pass. Already I have found other classes that are much closer!


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