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The night before I was to leave for JAPAN I hung out with my good friend SETHY! We saw a film about North Korea called "What kind of Country." It was OK. You might want to see it if you have some spare time. It's about these NK performers. They do these super-mega sycronized performances in honor of KIM-CHON-IL. They're freakin intense, like 5,000 girls doing these dance routines BUT they're freakin' balls out dancing routines. Not just a twirl or two. They do things like bring their foot up to their neck and twirl a hool-hooop with their ankel. Imagine 1,000 girls doing this in synchronized motion. They did some other stuff that I couldn't figure out. Like six of them line-up and they rolled at hool-hoop across their chest.

How the f did they do that.

It boggels the mind. Then in the background they have about 1,000 boys with color papers. They do these ultra huge mural the size of one side of a stadium. When you
are far away you can see the picture.

Balls out I tell you! They do practice in the winter too, outside.

So it just seems like that's all they do. No one seems to be very productive. They all just work on these routines all day. Then the day of the big performance cam.e it was a 4 day even. The great leader didn't even bother to show up.


There was a kinda funny scene where this evil looking woman was walking around with a notebook. She didn't like the toarch dancers so she had them all replace. I think she works for Pagoda now.

(for those of you not in the know, Pagoda is my former work place)


It was weird going out to the airport for the last time. I sent a bulk e-mail to all my peeps: "I'm going goodbye." Then I deleted all my numbers. As I said, it was weird because it felt so final.

My bags were over weight so I had to throw out some more shit. Yes, more shit. The limit was 20kg but the ticket counter lady gave me an extra 20kg. So now you know how much everything in my life weighs. The whole of my life weighs 40 kg.


I landed in Osaka and bought the $12 ticket to my new home. My new home is in a place called ORANGE HOUSE. More on that later. Hopefully I'll have pixs. But let me just say right now that the hardest part about this trip was just getting to the house. I know 40 kg doesn't sound like a lot. In the gymn I could do a few doezen reps of 40 kg, but carrying it in several cumbersome bags is another story.

I would make it one block and pant like a dog. Then I would make it another block and do the same thing. Orange House was freakin hard to find but luckily some uniformed person led me there.

(I don't know what his job is. Everybody wears a uniform in Japan)


The place is called Orange House. My room is spacious. Maybe I'm saying that because I have lived in a go-shio-won which is the size of a roaches ass. But according to this source my place is spacious enough. There is a large room. I have a window and an air-conditioner and a small kitchen area plus a refrigerator that doesn't work (or I suspect it doesn't work, after all my cheese melted). The palce is clean and there is a common room on the roof that looks like the inside of an airline hanger.


Back in the crack dealing days know as my Austin College University Texas Experience, I hung out with a supra cool guy named ALEX. Luckily he was able to find me and we are sending notes back and forth. For those of you out there who are ALEX fans, here's a clip from his letter:

So.. what to update you on… I think I told you that I’m currently about to start the second year of my MBA at MIT. The story of that – is that after New England Conservatory I took a year to apply to grad schools and got an entry level job at a large investment firm. There I realized that I had a knack for business stuff (in other words, it’s easy) and that Christine and I might have more flexibility if I actually had some money. So… I soon was promoted into the investment associate program – which is a program that the firm recruits at Harvard etc. to fill positions – so I was then in a good position as far as pedigree goes. Basically, after a few years in the program most end up applying to top business schools and Putnam (that’s the firm where I was working) hires consultants to help with the applications. So I did that and got into my top choice – MIT Sloan

Christine and I have been happily married for two years now. Christine teaches singing to kids privately and also owns a business where she does toddler music classes with a couple of other people (owning it is a recent development). She also performs around Boston doing musical theatre at a lot of the medium sized theatres around town – she’s been quite successful at this.


Right now I am trying to get some rhyme and rhythmn to my life. I am trying to set myself up with a 10 hour a week job and spend the rest of my time studying for the Japanese Proficiency Test. The test is in Decemeber and although it's a long way away it's not enough time. For instance, I am learning COUNTERS right now. In Japnese you just can't saw, 1 car or 7 books. You need the particular counter that goes with each object. So 1 car would be car 1 DA^i and 7 books would be books 7 Sa^su. On top of that, there are a lot of subtle exceptions that are always throwing you for a loop.

My next blog I hope to have PIX of my life. Thanks for hanging out with me for so long. Sorry there are not more PIXS. I know, I know. I'll get the freakin' basement elves working on it. So stay tuned!! See you next issue!


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can one smoke crack in japan??

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i love crack!!
says andy house :)

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