Friday, June 17, 2005


Here's some girls I was hanging out with...

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I had fun with this young lass. We were in nice clean Co-ex mall. It was raining. She says, follow me. Why? I think, what's wrong with nice clean co-ex mall. She goes down dirty street to even dirtier basement with small stinky coffee shop. She pulls out cigareetes and orders a beer. Nice girl, cute and honesty. Sometimes nice, cute and honest is not what your looking for in a girl.

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This little cuttie liked me FOR WHO I WAS AND NOT FOR MY BODY. Every guys nightmare. I still write her, although I don't date her.

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In this picture she is holding up two fingers.
Arthur: HI! How would you like to DATE a scrawny balding foreigner?
HER: See this? This is the middle finger, two times.

Just the fact that I could have an unsuccessful date with this girl is reason enough to be proud. How many guys would give their right arm to be in my place?


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