Friday, April 29, 2005

The Last Day before Heading Home

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"OK EVERYONE! We're going to take a picture just like Koreans. It's going to be an airport picture and everyone is going to make the Rabbit sign!" I said gleefully.

"I can't believe your doing this" groaned Barrie. Curtis pretended to read his book.

"OK everyone, look up for one second" I said. "Now smile" I said as I took the picture.

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"You like Pictures, right Barrie? Stand there and let me take your picture."

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"Yoo-hoo Curtis! Now it's your turn. Smile for the Camera!"

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"O.K. Give me two fingers for the camera Curtis. Oh my! That wasn't very nice, was it?"

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"This is how it's done everyone! Just like Korea!"


Anonymous Yun Jeong said...

ha ha ha~ very funny. i just loled. Bear in mind that I'm at work. ;) You guys are soooooo korean. :D

8:53 AM  

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