Monday, August 31, 2015

Biking from Jasper to Banff

Showed up@the airport and saw  un-maned white truck.  I guess in Edmonton you can rock up to the airport, park in front and go in for a coffee.  So I waited in the cold (cold in August?!?!?!?  what is wrong w/that picture) and eventually Anthony rolled back armed with a large steaming cupa JOE.

Our days were spent bicycling.  Our nights were spent relaxing@the local hostel.  We were well provided for because ALI (Anthony's Neice played sherpa and drove the truck).

The scenry was beatiful.  The road cut straight through the mts.  But it was an easy road.  Maybe too easy.  The last day was a glide to the finish. 

On the last day I relaxed in Calgary.  It's an oil town.  A prarie town.  But with a beatiful park that gracefully pulled through the city and carried slow mov8ng revelers on their canoes/rafts.  I got a chance to see Dave.  He was happy.  But unhappy.  Mostly from being so away from where he wanted to be: Korea.

Sunday, June 21, 2015



I assume you are reading this...

Since you have NO EMAIL (or more accurately you are unable to send email) there is no way I can get any sort of contact from you.  If this problem is not solved soon then when I return home we will solve this problem by going straight to a computer shop and fixing you up with some sort of machine.


On MONDAY I work all afternoon so I won't be able to contact you on SUNDAY.  TUESDAY is also an AFTERNOON day.  As well as WEDNESDAY!   Arggg.  BUT I will make a point to reach y ever-loving DAD soon and properly wish a HAPPY D-DAY!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Went to a CHINESE restaurant yesterday.  And by CHINESE I mean CHINESE.  Nothing was trimmed or catered for the foreign taste.  Everything was served in a small wading pool of oil and topped capriciously with RED HOT chilly peppers and a heavy dose of ANSEN seeds that are as digestible as small little porcupines.  Also there was smokers.  Also our waiter didn't even speak Japanese.

In other news: MY WI-FI is back!

ALSO MOM AND DAD WRITE ME.  This no internet stuff is NONSENSE!


Monday, June 15, 2015

What a day!!!!

I got on the train and I was slated to show up an hour or so early for work.

I was reading while waiting for the train and I absentmindedly got on the express train.  By the time I realized my mistake I was being shipped off to a completely different city.  Express was not quite the right word.  The train made long leisurely stops and the conductor would make general apologies about being late and sorry about all that.  Finally the train passed through a tunnel and ten minutes later I ended up on the other side of the mountain in a completely different prefecture.

I jumped off hoping to catch the express back but that train was also late.  So the score: express train to no where that was 20 minutes late.  And a return train that was also late.  I looked at the time, talked to the train master and did some quick calculations.  The one hour early arrival had become a good 20 minutes late.  Luckily the train was full of f****-ups and I was able to take a train that delivered me right to my station.  I arrived 2 minutes before the bell.  Ran up and started class.

What a day.  I am still shaking from nervousness.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

B-fast: bannanna Mufin

Lunch: tea. Salad.  Chicken cutlet.

Dinner: sandwhich.  Robos tea.

EVeNing w/friend: pizza

and Beer

Monday, April 20, 2015

My Weight

Monday, March 23, 2015

HI MOM&DAD!! Nice talking with you last TUESDAY!

1.  Happy B-day dad.  So nice to hear  your voice.  Do get hooked up w/a computer.

2.  Heading to Sanomiya via train.  Osaka is hub to some major Japanese cities.  Kyoto is down the road.  Nara is to the south aNd Kobe (a major shipping point city with history, most notible as the gateway to Japan's opening to outsiders) is half a block to the West.  The 4 cities are iNterconneCted by express trains that buzz in and out of the city. Conformity on some level is required to coordinate the living of some 25 Million people in such a small area.  Being here and living the chaos makes Japanese conformity seem pretty sensible.

3.  The vacation is coMiNg to an end.  And I am always on the move.  Mostly Because of the loss of my child.  I don't Like to stop and be contemplative.  At such times I feel my self stairing down a deep-dark well of Despair.

4.  Taking the tra8n.  Heading to socCer.  Stopping@Okamoto.  In 2-weeks I will be stopping there^for class.

5.  Went on a bike ride yesterday and got caught in a cold winter shower as we were,climBing a MouNtain.  Rain in Japan.  The rummor is true.  Japan has rain.